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  Westmoreland Lottery Roulette

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The Quick Story

Breed: Gypsy Vanner Stallion
Registry: Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
Sex: Stallion (Proven)
Foaled:  April 17, 2015
Height: 14.2 HH
Color:  Tobiano

For Sale: yes

​Price: $15,000

Euro: A Gold Rush Farms Premier Stallion For Sale
Available to outside breeding - approved gypsy mares

First and for most he has the temperament that has made Gypsy horse so desirable. Conformation and bone structure second to none.  I guess his pictures tell the story of his main and feather. Standing a full 14.2 hands, he is an impressive stallion.  His mane is a bit rubbed out at the moment. 

Jo Wilshire's Black & White Mare

Amos Wilshire's Old Horse Sam


Cashin In (Euro barn Name)

Foundation Mare

Mr. Biker Conners N'Co

The Headliner

  N'Co Roulette Cashin In

Westmoreland The Lottery Horse

N'Co The Front Cover Story

N'Co Mr. Bikers Story the Rapture