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Foundation Stock

Mentor's Barney

Foundation Stock

Foundation Stock

Clononeen Queen Bee

   GRF Rosealea  

Clononeeen Tumbleweed

The Quick Story

Breed: Gypsy Vanner Colt
Registry: Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
Sex: Colt
Foaled: April 20, 2017
Height: should mature to 13.3
Color:  Piebald

For Sale: Yes

Price: $15,000

The Horseshoe Mare

Abbey Rose

Foundation Stock


GRF Moonfire



                      Stunning Gypsy Colt

Moonfire Gold Rush Farms Stallion Propect
2017 For Sale

First and for most he has the temperament that has made Gypsy horse so desirable. Conformation and bone structure second to none.  I guess his pictures tell the story of his main and feather.  Should mature to 13.3 hands, he is an impressive young colt.

Daughter of Menter's Barney